Sunday, February 3, 2013

[hole11] PLAGUE RAGES "Eles Vivem Entre Nós" 7"

[hole11] PLAGUE RAGES (bra) "Eles Vivem Entre Nós" 7"
"With almost 20 years of grinding existence, PLAGUE RAGES's new full 7" is certainly the band's strongest material of its long discography. Raw and ugly old-school Grindcore exploding from 18 songs in a single 7"; these veterans are the new kings of Brazilian grind!! The South American answer to Retaliation, Looking For An Answer, P.L.F. and all that is fast and heavy!!"
Release date: 2012.

Sold out.


[hole09] FOIBLE INSTINCT (ukr) / PLAGUE RAGES (bra) split CD
"This piece of plastic is a grinding intercontinental meeting with a highly destructive potential... At least, to the ears!! FOIBLE INSTINCT comes from Ukraine armed with 11 powerful and catchy Crust Grindcore songs. And it's followed by Mané and his renewed team in PLAGUE RAGES, bringing to us more 11 tracks of old and dirty Grindcore in Brazilian tradition!!"
Release date: 2012.

Sold out.

[hole08] SANGRIA "Fleshback" CD

[hole08] SANGRIA (bra)  "Fleshback" CD
“After long sickening years of underground, old Death Metal warriors of SANGRIA put out their first full-length, finally! 'Fleshback' presents SANGRIA as one of the best brutal Death bands around. Brains will ingurgitate with these 7 well constructed songs of old-school tech Death Metal like the old master used to decompose in the 90’s! Fans of old Monstrosity, old Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation will fucking love this disc full of fast drumming, technical bass lines, superb guitar riffs and solos, and gore/splatter lyrics! It also comes with 2 bonus tracks: Deicide and Cryptopsy covers!!”
Release date: 2012.

Sold out.

[hole05] "ZOMBIFIED HUMANITY" 6-way CD

[hole05] "ZOMBIFIED HUMANITY" (all brazil) 6-way CD
"More than one hour with the most brutal and honest acts from all the stinking corners of Brazil. The first one to cum over our ears is SYPHILITIC ABORTION, 10 tracks of heavy as blunt typical Goregrind with killer grooves to make CBT and LDOH proud of their contributions to destroy music! MITHRUBICK is the next to fuck us with its memorable half-Death/half-Goregrind, in 5 decompositions. Then, the duo of TRITURADOR doesn't let the blastbeat and d-beat die, in 15 short mincing GrindGore tunes to make us mosh (plus Mortician cover)! After the autopsy, MASS OF SHIT comes with the simplicity of Grindcore, the heaviness of Death Metal and the ugliness of Gore all together! Next broothas, HIRARCHICAL PUNISHMENT, give us some extreme grinding Death Metal with killer riffs, doublebass attacks and Vulcano cover! The last band in this audio massacre is RANCID FLESH, a septic burst of noisy Gore shitting cover tracks of Xysma, Carcass, Dead Infection, Pungent Stench, LDOH and Blood! Plus, to decimate the putrid remnants of our timpani, one original defecation!”
Release date: 2012.

Sold out.

[hole07] MASS EXECUTION "Slaughter In The Grave" demo tape

[hole07] MASS EXECUTION (bra) "Slaughter In The Grave" demo tape
"Here we have three Brazilian deathbangers yelling and growling undiluted old-school Death Metal from the fucking grave!! Four songs huge influenced by Carnage/Dismember, early Grave and mainly early Entombed/Nihilist. As every old-school stuff must be, this demo is materialized in the true format of a very-very limited tape in 33 copies only!! Morbid, sick, and raw Death!!!!"
Release date: 2010.

Sold out.


[hole04] MESRINE (can) / PLAGUE RAGES (bra) split CD
"A bunch of Brazilian record labels joining forces to release this masterpiece of old'fucking'school Grindcore!! Legendary MESRINE smashes our bones with its remarkable Canadian Grind of heavy as blunt riffs, inhuman vokills, relentless blastbeats and catchy grooves!! Brazilian veterans of PLAGUE RAGES prove to us that they are in their best with more good and old Grindcore, and no bullshit!!"
Release date: 2009.

Sold out.


[hole03] OFFAL (bra) / BOWEL FETUS (aus) split MCD
"Prepare yourself for the ultimate blood curdling experience! OFFAL is back with another release of gut disgorging gurgles, eye bleeding riffs, skeleton smashing beats and the band's unique 70's and 80's slashing terror mood to make Autopsy and Impetigo worshipers defecate in ecstasy!! Spliting this piece of plastic with Brazilian Gore/Death zombies; BOWEL FETUS vomits upon us the most disgusting and heaviest Doom and Gore hybrid ever gurgled. The band's first recording with a real drummer; this Aussie duo is unique as Autopsy and Disembowelment down-tuned to the limits to twist your viscera and mangle your cranium!! Amazing barrage of sewer doomy Gore!! To keep the 'old-school' vibe, this one comes in a beautiful blood red vinyl-CD."

Release date: 2008.
Available!! (trade/sell)


[hole02] I SHIT ON YOUR FACE (bra) / XXXMANIAK (usa) split 7"
"This is the most reeking piece of vinyl ever released!! Brazilian scat addicts of I SHIT ON YOUR FACE fart out 5 brand new songs of intense brown sewer Goregrind!! Squeals, gurgles, blasts and defecation!! Recorded at good Cachalote Studio for better exposure of the band's sexual deviance!! On the other side, the North-American sickest pimps of XXXMANIAK fuck everything; including sluty vags, tiny tits and dead animals; with 6 explosions of maniacal drum-machine blasting perversity!! Artwork so sick, sure to be banned worldwide!! And limited to 500 copies in fecal brown vinyl!!"
Release date: 2007

Sold out.

[hole01] OFFAL 's/t' CD

[hole01] OFFAL "s/t" (bra) CD
"The first stab of THE HOLE PRODUCTIONS is a stomach churning & blood splattering massacre of Neanderthalish Gore Metal from the grave!! OFFAL zombies wake up from their foul tomb re-animated by a recording from 2004 and bringing with them the infamous Gore Death Metal style from the old 89-91 vintage. 11 macabre epitaphs of eerie funeral doomy riffs driving to mid-paced dismembering chainsaw attacks, thunderous cranium pounding beats, and slashed throat screams dueling with vomit inducing pitch-shifted purulent gurgles. OFFAL is a real cult to the early 90s old-school Gore Death Metal, a pure Autopsy worship!!"
Release date: 2006.

Sold out.