Sunday, February 3, 2013

[hole01] OFFAL 's/t' CD

[hole01] OFFAL "s/t" (bra) CD
"The first stab of THE HOLE PRODUCTIONS is a stomach churning & blood splattering massacre of Neanderthalish Gore Metal from the grave!! OFFAL zombies wake up from their foul tomb re-animated by a recording from 2004 and bringing with them the infamous Gore Death Metal style from the old 89-91 vintage. 11 macabre epitaphs of eerie funeral doomy riffs driving to mid-paced dismembering chainsaw attacks, thunderous cranium pounding beats, and slashed throat screams dueling with vomit inducing pitch-shifted purulent gurgles. OFFAL is a real cult to the early 90s old-school Gore Death Metal, a pure Autopsy worship!!"
Release date: 2006.

Sold out.