Friday, March 29, 2013

[hole10] I SHIT ON YOUR FACE "Defecation:Domination" CD

[hole10] I SHIT ON YOUR FACE (bra) “Defecation:Domination” CD
“Think about your planet, a post-apocalyptic planet... This globe of shit full of masochism, gross deaths and unbelievable scathology! After fucking 7 years since its debut-CD, this is the planet I SHIT ON YOUR FACE creates inside you through 16 deep stabs into your brain, stomach and ass. 'Defecation:Domination' is the new methane bomb of the Brazilian scat kings! A faecal soup of unstopable grindcore blastbeats, catchy D-beat hooks and death metal technicality; a brand new throat assault of pig squeals, inhuman growls, painfull screams and angry shouts! Fast and heavy, disgusting and provocative! Mixed and mastered by the legendary death metal guru, Scott Creekmore; this is the best production in the band's career!!”
Release date: 2013.
Available!! (trade/sell)